Sunday, 5 February 2012



Tuesday 1st feb in the downstairs third year studio.

Testers given feedback sheets to try and guess the flavours of 8 
different sugary treats!

Me setting up lollies on trays and where to put which flavours where
and label them with letters so testers can note down what lolly they tried.

Cranberry, raspberry and orange fruit tea with fresh orange
curled in the centre.

Lavender candy floss kebabs.

Chilli and Chocolate with fresh red chillies in the centre.

Orange and Ginger with fresh root ginger inside.

Coconut and clove with desiccated coconut on the outside

Pomegranate with crystallised pineapple in the centre

Grapefruit with fresh grapefruit zest in the centre

Leah's tray of lollies saved for later

Will definitely have to make them smaller, more bite size amounts as trying them all either filled you up or gave you a sugar high and then a sugar  craving low.