Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sweetie Fair Decorations

The Sweetie fair is coming together nicely, just updated the sweetiefair2012.blogspot blog with whats going to be on offer on the day.

Raffle prizes are looking great, something a bit different to offer winners. Baking things and edible things to get everyone inspired and in the mood to conjure up their own sweet treats at home! Nothing difficult, all made for a range of abilities and budgets.

Ive made nearly all the decorations, including these ones below. 

Saw some decorations in a shop window so thought I'd make my own. 3 cut out sweet shapes in coloured paper, must be quite thin paper, then sewn over leaving 4/5cm gaps and then sewing another. Once hung each sweet is pulled out making a more 3D fan effect.

Going to dangle them around the hall, mainly by the entrance and kitchen area.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

sweetie fair 2012

Check out my new blog, devoted entirely to my up and coming event!

If Willy Wonka and Heston Blumenthal were to create a school fair then this is the type of edible stalls that I am producing!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Prop Lollies

Props lollies

Become the character you've always wanted to be, a naughty freckled nosed school kid, a fancy lady with her rosy cheeks or a long moustached cowboy!

The prop lollies by Hanny's Bakery allow you to play around with your sweetie lollies, adding a new playful element to eating and enjoying your sweetie treats!

Possible packaging idea.
All illustrations hand drawn then photoshopped to give more professional and colourful qualities.

 The clay and fimo props I made to then vacuum form around for the plastic lolly moulds.

My peppermint prop lollies.
First batch using the new tray plastic moulds.
Came out a beautiful transparent green. The flavour was strong but not overpowering.

Two different moustache mint sugar lollies. Success!

Phoebe and Katrina modelling and eating their peppermint props!