Monday, 2 January 2012

First Pudding Party!

As part of  my Unit 9 live project, I created my very own food show, serving up 3 courses of delicious puddings to 6 guests!

I invited them Weds 28th December 2011 and hosted it at my parents home, as I feel comfortable with the space and kitchen equipment in which I cooked three different pudding meals.

Not telling the guests what I was serving was the best part as it was only when they arrived and saw the placemat menu did they find out a little more into what kind of ingredients they would be served.

My placemats on the table, all with different food utensil images that got guests in good conversation about what the different items would be used for. Kept the guests entertained whilst I cooked and dished up the food although I did have to give them a couple of clues as they got impatient not knowing!

As you can see from the photos, I didn't just serve up just sweet delicacies but served the first two savoury courses disguised as cupcakes!

Firstly I shall begin with some of the making and baking and mess creating.

My Cranberry (pink ones) and Mojito (green ones) macaroons left to air dry and form a skin around them so that they rise when baked in the oven. (All recipes are available in a seperate folder marked recipes.)

These are my top-hat cupcakes cooling on a wire rack after being drenched in a marshmallow icing and topped with a giant marshmallow. These were later dunked in melted plain chocolate, giving them their name top-hat.

Me preparing the food!

Guests snacking on nibbles before first course of red lentil and sweet potato soup is served. With red onion, thyme and tomato rolls on top.

Second course- Rice cake drizzled in tomato and chilli sauce with roasted butternut squash, orange peppers, red onions and garnished with thyme.

Pudding is served!

Pecan and maple syrup buns
Mojito and Cranberry macaroons
Decorated Gingerbread houses
Chocolate top hat cupcakes

Guest enjoying their cupcake whilst adorning the aprons I made to decorate the table and to be used as a serviette, a sort of blank canvas that guests wouldn't have to worry about dropping anything on themselves.

The end result - Happy and very full tummies!

The  pudding party video will be coming soon!!

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