Monday, 23 January 2012

Mojito lollies

Wanted to try out a cocktail ,or mocktail in this case,flavoured lollypop.
Not seen these kind of flavours yet in sweet shops, artisan food delis or even food halls in Selfridges and Harrods. Always like to have a look at places like this around London, see what is out there and being done by other foodies like myself.

Tried putting lime and mint inside for extra flavour as after tutorial 
with course members who tested them, they like my ideas but the
flavours needed working on. Something more outrageous and this
Mojito lolly definitely came out trumps compared to the vanilla and orange 
lollies that I made with these.

Mint and lime syrups, 1 tbsp of sugar left to soak with mint and
lime for roughly 4-5 hours. After tasting the flavours, they
needed some oomph so I added more sugar and boiled them
in a saucepan to increase the intensity of the flavour in the syrup.

Used a green food gel which tend to come out brighter and more vivid in the 
colours but noticed that they are quite dark. Noted for next time only a small 
amount will do, especially when you dye everybody's tongues and teeth!

 Some leaked and oozed the juice from the lime which made 
some of them extremely sticky. Taste wise the lime inside came
out quite weak compared to the stronger hints of the mint leaf inside.

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