Friday, 20 January 2012

Making 'Jelly Baby' style sweets

Found a recipe on Youtube on how to make Jelly Baby style sweets. The gelatin based sweet dusted in sugar, a wobbly jelly sweet dusted in icing sugar. 

Begin by soaking 2 gelatin leaves in cold water for 5 minutes.
This is added to flavoured jelly crystals, mine were vegetable 
based jelly crystals from a health food shop. 
(I reckon this ingredient is where my experiments 
my sweets went wrong. Lesson learned though.)

Heat up on the stove, low heat until everything dissolves 
and you cant see any crystals or lumps of gelatine.

Taken off the heat and transferred to a measuring jug and left it to cool for
about 10 minutes.

Pour out into moulds, used a lovely floral ice cube tray for mine. 
Colour accidentally matched the sweet.

Left in the fridge overnight and these are my results. Again total 
disaster and tasted quite gritty in the mouth. Strong raspberry flavour
 came from but won't be using a veg-gel again!

They stuck to the moulds and each other, come out in lumps 
but with a nice glossy, fuschia pink sheen. 

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