Friday, 13 January 2012

Making fruit sugars, first batch of using extracts and essences 
did not give the strong and intense flavourings I desire. 
All left to soak for 3 days in Tupperware and containers with 
closed lids so the water juices don't evaporate and the fruit wont go off. 
1 cup of granulated white sugar plus various fruits and their juices and pips.
All photo's taken by me using my Canon eos 40d on manual settings and natural lighting.

1 whole orange minus peel and juiced.

Tin of pineapples in syrup as the sugar content in syrup would capture the 
stronger flavour of quite a water based fruit.

1 whole grapefruit minus peel and juiced.

2 Kiwi fruits, minus skin and with seeds. Holds flavour and texture.

1 thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and chopped.

I can of coconut milk

1 200g punnet of fresh cherries, de-stoned and flesh cut up but stones
 put back in for extra flavour intensity.

1 whole pomegranate, cut and deseeded. juiced some of the seeds for extra sharpness.

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